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AsianSexDiary is made up of amateur POV video filmed by one man – a Western sex pat who describes himself as the biggest whoremonger in Asia, and travels the continent seeking pussy through street and club pickups, or for cash, recording all of his (numerous) sexual escapades.

This lucky guy has been living the dream and doing this for years, sexpatting around Asian countries, above all in Thailand, and filming himself in hotel rooms after bringing back teenage girls from the club or street, or Asian hookers he’s paid. The girls all know they are being filmed (obviously – it shot POV style) and are quite happy about it.

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More recently, the site updates with videos with his friends doing similar in the USA and other places with white girls. But it’s still one of the most frequently updated Thai porn content sites, with usually at least one new Thai conquest uploaded every week.

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Asian Student Sex Video From Bangkok

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Dear Diary – First day of student hunting today. I left my room in the afternoon and went to the Victory monument. It’s full of little shops where students from different universities come to eat and shop, or to take a bus home. I wandered around and saw many possible targets. I tried to find a girl who was walking alone and didn’t seem to be hurried. After 20 minutes, I spotted one with a cute face and started to follow her hoping to be able to film a new raw Asian Student Sex Video for my diary.